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Find ideal jobs with top employers in all 50 states at the e-PsychiatryProTM Jobs Market. Providers enjoy the ease of attracting confidential job inquiries that are matched to your background, training and experience. e-Psychiatry notifies you when interested facilities and other employers express interest in your credentials, and we assist you every step of the way in preparing for interviews, conducting interviews and selecting your top choice for contracting or employment. e-Psychiatry also allows you to post provider ads online to attract new providers to your busy practice or facility. Match your business needs for a clinician with the clinician’s background, training and experience, interview those candidates who respond, and hire/contract your favorite candidate(s). And we assist you every step of the way in preparing you for interviews, supporting your selection, and helping you on-board new hires and contractors for optimally timed credentialing and starts.

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