Telepsychiatry Staffing Services

All Positions, All Facilities, All Levels of Care, All Ages, All Hours:

e-Psychiatry’s national panel of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists and therapists offers convenient, timely, cost-effective access to patient evaluations, treatment, prescribing of medications, crisis intervention, etc. for patients of all ages, and in all treatment settings, from inpatient to outpatient, and including 24/7 ED consults, and peer to peer physician consults. e-Psychiatry’s providers are available from 8-40 hours per week, during regular hours and after hours, and treat all of the same clinical conditions that on-site providers treat, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, etc.

The Nation’s Largest Telepsych Health Panel:

e-Psychiatry’s large national US provider panel includes thousands of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers and counselors in all 50 states. e-Psychiatry specializes in improving access to behavioral health services for rural communities with severe shortages of behavioral health specialists, and urban areas where providers are in high demand.

Advantages of Telepsych Staffing

  • 1. No hiring or contracting fees, free job postings
  • 2. No benefits, no medical malpractice insurance costs
  • 3. e-Psychiatry credentials providers up to NCQA standards
  • 4. Telepsychiatry is popular, mainstream and reimbursed by virtually all payers, often at higher rates than onsite providers!
  • 5. Services are web-based via your existing PC or Mac, no new hardware needed
  • 6. Simple to start in minutes, no IT or tech experience required
  • 7. Contract with top psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and therapists in just 7 days.
  • 8. All hours, all settings, all ages, all specialties, all services.