Provider Services

Virtual Office Portals

e-Psychiatry offers custom branded, HIPAA secure telemedicine portals, with unlimited online sessions, allowing you to turn your physical practice into a fully featured virtual practice. Increase your facility’s public profile, limit patient attrition to consumer telemedicine sites, and attract new patients.

Treat Patients Online

Treat patients who are seeking confidential videoconference and telephone sessions with qualified providers. Select from a menu of patients who are seeking consultations today in the e-PsychiatryProTM Initial Consult Queue. Also, establish your online provider profile so other patients can send you online appointment requests on days and times of your convenience, at the rates you specify.

Find Top Telepsych Jobs/Post Jobs

Find ideal telepsych and on-site jobs with top facilities, health systems, practices and other employers at the e-PsychiatryProTM Positions from 4-40 hours per week, all treatment settings, flexible hours, attractive compensation. You can also post jobs to attract top providers to your practice and/or facility.

Join Our Telepsych Network

Join e-Psychiatry’s network panel of telepsych providers to begin providing secure online services to health plan and employer patients.

Psych Consults for PCPs & Specialists

e-Psychiatry makes it easy for busy PCP and specialist offices to refer your patients for psychiatric and psychological consultations and recommendations on the management of behavioral health conditions.

Telepsych Programs

The e-PsychiatryProTM platform offers all of the tools and services you need to launch and maintain a successful telepsych program at your office or facility.


Advertise the services of your professional practice on the e-PsychiatryProTM platform where patients and facilities can quickly identify matches between their needs and your specialization to boost new patient appointments.

Certifications, Trainings, CMEs

Find advanced certifications, trainings, CMEs and badges at the e-PsychiatryProTM professional services portal that you can complete to advance your training and attract new business.