What We Do

About e-Psychiatry: Since 2007, e-Psychiatry has specialized in providing telepsychiatry and teletherapy provider panels, programs, technology, and staffing to health plans, MBHOs, hospitals, clinics, CMHCs, long-term care facilities, providers practices, and direct to patients in all 50 states who need better access to behavioral healthcare. e-Psychiatry's national panel of over 10,000 board certified/eligible psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists and therapists offer convenient, cost-effective, 24/7 access to behavioral health evaluations, therapy, medication prescribing, crisis intervention, and family support. e-Psychiatry's proprietary e-PsychiatryPro videoconference platform includes complete doctor search, scheduling, videoconference, payment and reporting functionality, and a complete office tools suite, for providers, payers, and patients. e-Psychiatry's services are valued by the facilities, payers, providers, patients and families who benefit from telepsych services as a viable option for the delivery of behavioral healthcare. Up to 75% of all psychiatrists are expected to add telepsych services to their practices by 2018. Join e-Psychiatry today at www.e-Psychiatry.com where we are advancing the science of behavioral health through technology one planet at a time.

About Telepsychiatry and Telemedicine!

The term telepsychiatry or e-psychiatry has been used to define the application of telemedicine or telehealth in mental health settings.

e-Psychiatry is the use of video conferencing technology to support mental health delivery and involves the transmission of data over a highly secure, internet based, HIPAA compliant televideo connection.

Telepsychiatry is the most successful of all the telemedicine specialties. This is fueled by the current shortage of psychiatrists nationwide.

Today, e-Psychiatry remains at the forefront of the telepsychiatry industry, delivering telepsychiatry services that are tailored to the needs of the facilities and patients we serve. To learn more about telepsychiatry and e-psychiatry click below to see a list of links on the subject.


Who We Are

e-Psychiatry is a leader in the field of telemedicine and telepsychiatry. We are excited about the future of medicine in the field of telepsychiatry!

Telepsychiatry is now a mainstream service that many behavioral health providers are adding to their practices to expand their revenue stream, and to offer greater access and convenience to their patients. Estimates are that within the next 5 years, more than 60% of all psychiatrists and telepsychologists wlll add telemedicine services to their busy practices to expand their services to patients. Telepsychiatry helps solve the shortage of psychiatrists across the country by allowing behavioral health facilities to capitalize on same state licensed clinicians who do not live near the facility, but can still treat their patients through a secure, internet videoconference line.

Our Mission & Vision

e-Psychiatry's vision for the future is one where healthcare patients can obtain timely, high quality, cost competitive treatment services from the doctors, facilities, health plans and other healthcare entities that provide care.

Our role is to contribute to the transformation of healthcare specialties by capitalizing on technology to deliver convenient, cost effective and safe treatment between providers and patients.

e-Psychiatry is now a ATA Corporate Member, e-Psychiatry will continue to be inovative and take a greater role in shaping the future of telepsychiatry technology, by collaborating with the telemedicine experts at the ATA.

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