9 Reasons to use Telepsychiatry

Telepsychiatry use has risen at an extremely rapid rate over the past several years. Telepsychiatry�s growth can be attributed to the severe lack of mental health providers in the United States and the rise of technology. Telepsychiatry gives mental health programs access to psychiatrists that would not want to move or have their own practice. There many other reasons why mental health facilities should use telepsychiatry. e-Psychiatry will discuss a few of these reasons.

1. Telepsychiatry Technology is Simple and Easy to Use

Technology has improved at exponentially over the past several years making the technology for telepsychiatry something all mental health facilities can use. Most of today�s laptops, PCs and some tablets can handle most videoconferencing systems suitable for telehealth applications. This results in an easy transition into telepsychiatry.

2. Telepsychiatry is Widely Accepted

The AMA (American Medical Association), APA (American Psychiatric Association), FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards), State and Federal Governments, and many other organizations view telepsychiatry as an acceptable form of treatment for patients. This has resulted in the creation of many laws designed to help mental health facilities receive reimbursement for treatment through telepsychiatry.

3. Increased Revenue through Telepsychiatry

Telepsychiatry can increase mental health facilities revenue while lowering the bottom line. Instead of relying on one single psychiatrist, mental health programs can work with multiple psychiatrists therefore reducing missed income when a doctor is sick, on vacation or quits suddenly. Telepsychiatry also eliminates relocation fees, no issues that cause providers to be late or absent, on the job injuries that result in workman�s comp, no retirement or health benefits or the host of other costs related to an on-site provider which can in turn increase a clinics revenue substantially.

4. 95% of Psychiatrist and Patients like the Idea of Telepsychiatry

With the younger generation moving into the mental health fields the use of telepsychiatry is not a problem for this group of providers. Even some of the older generation mental health providers understand that technology is changing health care and they have accepted the fact that telepsychiatry is the future of the mental health field. Almost everyone knows how to use a computer and both patients and psychiatrists like telepsychiatry when they try it.

5. Too Few Psychiatrists to go Around

As of 2014, the massive shortage of psychiatrists is still ongoing. In some areas patients are waiting two or three months for their appointments. This means fewer psychiatrists to hire and more likely clinics lower standards just to have a psychiatrists who is willing to move and work onsite.

6. Emergency Mental Health Care

Many hospitals, emergency rooms and urgent care facilities across the country do not keep a psychiatrist on staff. Telepsychiatry is a far more cost effective way to treat these patients without having to pay a high psychiatrist salary.

7. Cheaper than Locum Tenens

Using Locum Tenens physicians can be expensive. By using telepsychiatry mental health facilities can cut costs almost in half by using doctors through telepsychiatry.

8. Just as Effective as an In-Person Visit

Psychiatrists can treat patients using telepsychiatry just as effectively as an in-person visit. The only senses psychiatrists looses during a telepsychiatry encounter is the ability to smell and touch both of which can be relayed to the doctor by a health care provider onsite, if needed.

9. Future use of Telepsychiary

Telehealth and telepsychiatry technology aren�t going anywhere anytime soon. As technology becomes more advanced and less costly telepsychiatry will grow and become the preferred way psychiatrists will treat their patients. As telepsychiatry�s popularity grows, so will psychiatrists that purposely seek out jobs through telepsychiatry.

e-Psychiatry was one of the earliest entrants into the telepsychiatry field. Over the past couple of years we have seen the beginning of many telepsychiatry companies providing hardware, software, consulting and provider services which show the demand for services has increased substantially. e-Psychiatry has had many years of experience providing all these services to clients across the country. Let the experts at e-Psychiatry assist you in setting up a telepsychiatry program at your facility.