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Telepsychiatry Provider Profile: For Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners & Psychologists

Instructions: Dear Provider, please take 3-5 minutes to provide the following brief information about your background and experience. We have a large number of clients nationwide who rely on e-Psychiatry for telemedicine and on-site psychiatric and psychological services. We will use your information to confirm your interest in our clients� telemedicine openings, and to present these openings to you for your consideration.

If you encounter an issue in completeing this profile, please contact our support team by email at
Provider.Relations@e-Psychiatry.com or by phone at (844) 437-7924




Compensation: Telemedicine providers avoid the office, staff & travel expenses of a traditional practice, allowing you to keep more of the $ you make, and to be more competitive in your rates than providers in office settings. The competitiveness of your proposed compensation is a key criterion Clients consider when selecting providers for hire.

1. Please email your CV to Provider.Relations@e-Psychiatry.com immediately after completing this form.

2. e-Psychiatry conducts confidential background checks on providers as part of our matching services.

3. We welcome you to update this profile in the future as new information becomes available.

4. e-Psychiatry will continue to alert you to potential employment and consulting opportunities as they become available.

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Thank you for you interest in working with e-Psychiatry.