Telepsychiatry for Insurers and Payors

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Your members will appreciate the value-added service that telepsychiatry offers. We can provide them access to mental health care in a quick, timely and cost-effective manner in all 50 states. Telepsychiatry offers your members more timely access to high quality care, by same state licensed doctors, who can satisfy all of your geoaccess requirements, at potentially lower cost to the plan.

  • Gain Access to our Panel of more than 7000 mental health providers.

  • Easy Access for all your members

  • Differentiate your company with this value-added service!

  • Mental Health services your Members Will Love!

  • Enables your clients to have access to a nationwide network of Doctors

Provide this very valuable a needed service to your members! Contact us today to see how we can benefit your service.

Advantages of Telepsychiatry for Payers

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Health Plans and Benefit Providers can gain a competitive market advantage by offering high-demand telepsychiatry services that distinguish your facility in your community.

  • Creates immediate access to high demand psychiatrists and psychologists in all 50 states (other specialties also available � e.g., telecardiology)

  • Improved access to care for patients in rural and other settings where access to psychiatric care is limited

  • Telepsychiatrists offer evidence based care (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.)

  • By contrast to out-of-network providers, e-Psychiatry�s telepsychiatrists will use the payer�s EMR (or ours), are subject to quality oversight, accept the payer�s fee schedule, and use the payer�s formulary.

  • 92-98% of all people who try telepsychiatry like it and would use it again, reduces no-show rates, promotes care

  • Helps overcome the social stigma of visiting a psychiatrist on-site, and may reduce no-show rates

  • Telepsychiatry technology today makes secure specialized clinical sessions in real time a reality

  • Convenient options for after-hours, weekends, holiday psychiatric care

  • Avoid unnecessary inpatient admissions due to delays in obtaining psychiatric ER/ED evaluations, and due to a lack of access to next day outpatient psychiatric appointments

  • More timely access for patients to outpatient care resulting in reduced escalation of symptoms, less severe treatment needs, and substantially reduced medical costs

  • Continuity of care coordination to reduce administrative and clinical costs

To learn more about the benefits that e-Psychiatry�s Telepsychiatry for Insurers and Payors offer to your members, by contacting us directly at to explore telepsychiatry as a cost effective, convenient way to enhance access to psychiatric care for your members.