Telepsychiatry Alabama

e-Psychiatry currently provides telepsychiatry in Alabama to individuals, employers, clinics, hospitals and other mental health providers access to a online psychiatrist using telepsychiatry. We currently have several board certified psychiatrists and other mental health providers licensed in the state of Alabama

Telepsychiatry for Hospitals, Clinics and Other Mental Health Facilities

e-Psychiatry works with Hospitals, Clinics and Other Mental Health Facilities in Alabama providing a telemedicine psychiatrist without all the overhead costs associated with recruiting. We currently have 64 Alabama licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, NPs, PAs and other mental health providers ready to assist your health care facility's patients. As our most popular service, e-Psychiatry utilizes telemedicine in your hospital or mental health clinic which can help elliviate the burden with trying to find a psychiatrist and gives your patients timely access to psychiatric care. We have many psychiatrists that cover the state of Alabama so you don't ever have to worry about being short staffed ever again.

Join our efforts in helping relieve the Alabama's shortage of psychiatrists and Contact Us to see how we can help deliver mental health care to your patients using telepsychiatry!

Pricing for telepsychiatry programs vary depending on the anticipated patient volume and the provider. We quote pricing with mental heatlh facility and psychiatrist when negotiating contract.

Telepsychiatry for Individuals and Families

Individuals and families in Alabama that are in need of psychiatrist can utilize e-Psychiatry as a way to connect with a online psychiatrist. e-Psychiatry provides the smae care as a psychiatrist in-office exam. Let e-Psychiatry help you receive treatment for your mental illness today.

You can Register Now for FREE to see one of our online psychiatrists in Alabama today!

Pricing is for a 20 to 45 minute online psychiatry session depending on the psychiatrist you use. Any time over that may require additional fees. Pricing for a typical initial online consultation is $250 and follow-up online consultation is $150. These prices vary with each psychiatrist.

Telepsychiatry for Employers

e-Psychiatry works with employers to provide employees with easy access to mental health care with an online psychiatrist through telepsychiatry. Providing telepsychiatry to your employees shows them you care about their mental health while reducing missed time from work and saving money. Provide your employees with the mental health care they deserve and give them access to a online psychiatrist through e-Psychiatry.

You can Learn More about what telepsychiatry programs we offer employers in Alabama and help your employees get treatment for their mental illness!

Pricing for telepsychiatry benefits vary depending on the size of your company or organization.

Mental Health in Alabama

telepsychiatry alabama

Alabama is at the bottom of the list for mental health care providers with approximately 300 psychiatrists state wide. This leaves around 6 psychiatrists per 100,000 Alabama residents. Alabama psychiatrist shortages is one of the worst and leaves most patients in rural areas without any mental health care. e-Psychiatry is here to help the residents of Alabama in the underserved areas through telepsychiatry.

Hospitals, mental health clinics and other health care providers in Alabama are finding it difficult to find a psychiatrist work in their facility. This leaves most general practice and ER doctors untrained in mental health care administering treatment for mental illnesses. e-Psychiatry contracts with psychiatrists licensed in Alabama that are able take on patients at hospitals and mental health clinics using telepsychiatry.

Telepsychiatry provides a new and exciting way to provide mental health care in the state of Alabama. If you are:

a patient trying to find a psychiatrist

a psychiatrist seeking employment

a hospital or mental health clinic looking to hire a psychiatrist

or an employer wanting to give your employees mental health coverage

e-Psychiatry can help!

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