Telepsychiatry Guidelines

Telepsychiatry is still fairly new and Telepsychiatry Guidelines can vary from state to state. This is an example of guidelines used at some facilities. The ATA (American Telemedicine Association) and the APA (American Psychiatric Association) have provided most of the telepsychiatry guidelines in place today.

Some states have laws and rules in place to help govern the practice of telepsychiatry but even some of these laws are not black and white. If you are a clinic looking to start a telepsychiatry program or psychiatrist that would like to begin working in the field of telepsychiatry then e-Psychiatry can help you get started! e-Psychiatry has helped many mental health clinics, hospitals, correctional facilities, behavioral health organizations and psychiatrist sucessfully start telepsychiatry programs and they have a good understanding of the telepsychiatry rules and regulations in each state. They also understand the requirements in order to be reimbursed through insurance with this exciting new technology. e-Psychiatry can provide you with the following:

The ATA & APA Guidelines

The American Telemedicine Association and American Psychiatric Association have taken a proactive approach to the growing trend of telepsychiatry practices across the country by implementing guidelines for anyone looking to provide telepsychiatry services.

Below are some links that are good starting points for behavioral health programs providing telepsychiatry services for their patients: